“Mental that one i’m telling you”

New BTS photo of Torrance Coombs and Caitlin Stasey [x]


They are the real deal

Poor reactions to Sherlock’s writings

And one more:



Ron & Hermione or Harry & Ginny {asked by anonymous}

well, if doing something you were clearly born to do messes that up… what kind of life is that anyway? […] look, forget me. forget avery.what do you want? i wanna be more than a guy who runs a soundboard, and plays two-bit motels. and you wanna be more than a waitress and just somebody’s girlfriend, right? do you really wanna be with somebody who won’t let you be who you are?

ok. let’s do it.

"I just want you to be happy."
"I am happy. Of course I am."

elise white